Preparations for the new season have begun

The days are getting longer and the early morning work in the stables are much warmer than just some weeks ago. Good signs – the new season of riding holidays is coming up!

New equipment for the upcoming riding season

Each year, we ask our vacation guests to tell us their honest feedback about their riding holidays with us. What was extremely pleasant, what should we improve. We take all feedback very serious and use the calm time during the winter months to evaluate, categorize and action each and every feedback given. One of the categories we created is “new riding equipment”. So, we went through the forms, emails and messages and found out that we should invest into new riding equipment to make the holidays 2017 season even more enjoyable for our guests.

New saddles from Pferdebedarf Bieker in Germany

Where to buy horse and riding supplies?

Nowadays, everyone is aiming to buy things online. We are not excluded from this fact. There certainly is a lot of excellent riding supplies on Amazon as well as smaller but specialized riding online shops. For smaller quantities and ad-hoc needs, we quite often take this path as well. When it comes to renewing a large set of riding equipment for professional use, as it is the case here, we prefer to take a bit more time and to evaluate the market in more detail. One of our long-lasting suppliers in this market is from Germany. Stop wondering here – Germans are not as horse fanatics as Brits are but they have other strenghts. Quality for instance. If you ever feel that you need a better quality for certain elements of your riding stuff, go and visit their site and look for the word “Pferdebedarf” on it.

What will be new this season?

When making purchases, we always consider horse and equestrian. Therefore, our focus for this year was on new saddles. From the various test rides we did in the new collection of saddles, we can tell you that there is a huge improvement! We do not regret our significant investment into the new saddles and look forward to read the word “saddle” only in the positive feedback this year.

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