Horse Riding Holidays


You can learn to ride or just improve your skills on a Horse Riding Holiday with us.

Whether you are new to horse riding looking to try something new, a seasoned rider looking for happiness and excitement, or maybe just find freedom to unwind and enjoy some breathtaking view from a horseback. You are welcome to our stables.

For anyone with a love of riding, there’s a no more pleasant holiday than to spend a week in the mountains, escaping the stress of this modern day world.

We offer weekends, one week and two-week riding holidays in the Exmoor mountains. Our holidays are full/board or half/board.

If you are a complete beginner, then we will teach you while you relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of an Exmoor mountain.

It’s not hard to imagine you are in real cowboy country with the many mountain and lands to explore.

Some days you will ride like a cowboy along the beautiful sceneries of Exmoor, Enjoy the view of the mountain and different kinds of animal.

Rides are arranged in small groups so that experienced riders can enjoy faster rides, while novices are brought on at a pace comfortable to them. Individual requests for private rides can also be arranged. Non-riding activities are available for those not up to riding every day.